Do Truck Bed Covers Or Toppers Increase Gas Mileage?

Virtually all of them have poor gas mileage, but are capable of powerful pulling and weight carrying capacity. However, due to their low gas mileage, everyone tries to find ways to increase their gas mileage

Truck toppers, truck bed covers, or camper shells will increase your fuel mileage on average but only by a tiny percent (1-2%). So buying a topper or truck bed cover is not worth doing unless you need it for another reason.

If you want to save money on fuel you will save far more by driving your truck more conservatively, not accelerating hard, or making sure to look ahead so you don’t accelerate to get to a stop sign or light. By doing these things you will save far more on fuel for your truck than you would by getting a camper shell, topper, or bed cover.

Why Does A Truck Bed Cover Save You Gas? A truck bed cover saves fuel because it helps to decrease the drag on your truck by keeping the air flowing better after it passes over the cab.

On average the drag of a truck decreased by 5.7% when a bed cover was used thereby increasing the gas mileage by 1.8%. So if the truck was getting 20mpg with a truck bed cover it got 20.36mpg. 

All truck bed covers will save you about the same amount of gas. In general you are better off getting a bed cover with the best reviews that fits all of your other needs the best. 

 People buy Tonneau truck bed covers not only to increase mileage but for various other purposes as well. One of the major reasons people buy this bed cover is for keeping water out of the truck bed.

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