Do Rental Trucks Have Hitches? (Enterprise, Hertz, U-Haul, Etc.)

f you need to move or bring along your trailer or your motorcycle rack with you, the first thing that comes to mind is a pick up truck. While you can attach hitches to any car, pulling anything bigger than the smallest sized trailer will need a pick up truck.

And if you don’t have a pick up truck, you need to rent one. You will need a hitch installed on the pickup truck to be able to attach your trailer.

But do any rental trucks have hitches? While most of the truck companies offer towing services and equipment, they are bound by their own set of policies. Some companies offer hitches only if the trailer is from their rental service and some offer hitches only with a select few pickup trucks.

Rent a car companies like Enterprise and Hertz do not usually allow hitches on any of their traditional rental cars. However, they offer towing on some of their trucks at select truck rental outlets. 

U-Haul allows towing with most of their pickup trucks. You can select any pickup truck from their website and rent it with hitches installed.  

Whether your pickup truck has a trailer brake controller, can be easily seen and verified by you. You just need to check if the 7 way connector is there on the truck.

Do I Need Wiring For A Hitch? You will not always need wiring for your hitch, but if you need to power the lights on the trailer, you will need a separate wiring harness.

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