Do Minivans Have Built-in Car Seats for Kids? (Which Vehicles Do?)

One of the most important things that many parents check before purchasing any vehicle is whether they have built in car seats because not only do they help keep kids safer but they are much easier to deal with than the old car seats that sit on top of the normal seat.

Some vehicles have started offering this as a feature in recent years but are built in car seats offered on minivans?

Built in car seats were offered on some Chrysler and Dodge minivans in the past but that option has since been discontinued so there are currently no minivans with built in car seats. Dodge and Volvo do offer built-in car seats on their SUVs and wagons but there are no minivans that currently offer it.

As of now the only way to get built in car seats in a minivan is to purchase a used model that has that feature.

Let's See What Vehicles Have Built In Car Seats...

If you want to only look at vans, suvs, or cars that have built in car seats than your options are quite limited unfortunately.

The only new vehicles that have a built in car seat/booster seat are: – Volvo XC90 – Volvo XC60 – Volvo V90 Cross Country

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