A Complete List of Free OBD2 Codes for Check Engine Light

If you are staring at an annoying check engine light on your dashboard, you need to learn about OBD2 Codes.

On-Board Diagnostics Codes is the way your car keeps track of a wide range of issues.

There are OBD2 codes for virtually everything that can go wrong with your car from transmission troubles to fuel injector issues.

The best thing about OBD2 codes? They are no longer a “mechanic’s secret.”

Anyone can learn to access and read them easily. That means there is no need to take your car to the dealer the next time your check engine light comes on.

The first step in understanding OBD2 codes is knowing where to find your vehicle’s diagnostic plug. Many diagnostic plugs are underneath the dashboard, in or under the glove box.

We have compiled a lengthy list of common OBD2 codes later in this article. Check it out!

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