The 10 Best Car Jack Choices To Get Your Wheels Off The Ground

Time to get a new car jack? Perhaps your first jack? Or, you’ve bought a few, with no longterm success? Well, dear car enthusiast, we present you with our Top 10 best car jack picks.

It’s not an easy job to work under your car, nor does it come without some cautionary tales. Our first goal is to present you with the safest products, the most quality made, and the best bang for your buck. Read on to see just how many great models there are out there. 

What does a Car Jack Do? A car jack’s job is to lift your car and work underneath.

You can buy a car jack from any number of places including your local automotive store. However, everything listed today can also be found online on sites like Amazon.

W1640 2-1/2 Ton (5,000lbs.) Capacity Jack Floor Jack by Performance Tools Lightweight, inexpensive and great maneuverability make this a great pick from Performance Tools. Also has a few superb safety features, including an overload protection valve. 

620422E Heavy Duty 4000 lb Triple Lift Jack by Powerbuilt At under 200 bucks you can’t go wrong with this Heavy duty lift by Powerbuilt. Equipped with a safety bar, which eliminates the need for jack stands. It’s super adaptable and built to last. A great investment.

Aluminum Floor Jack (ALJ3T) by Arcan So many great things to list about this model by Arcan, we can safely say it’s our pick for 2019’s best car jack. It is lightweight and easy to use, super heavy duty, takes minimal effort to raise and is versatile. The car jack has several safety features including the additions of two safety valves, one for overextension and the other which is for use beyond weight capacity.

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