Are Trucks Good In Snow? (Which Ones Aren’t)

Will a truck really be very good in the snow?  A 4WD truck will allow you to get around in snow a lot better than any regular car will. You can easily get through snow drifts or piles without getting stuck and can also make it up hills that your car would have laughed at before.

Of course having a big four wheel drive truck doesn’t mean you can drive however you want in the snow. You will still have to stop and also control the vehicle on turns which isn’t any easier in a truck than in any other vehicle. 

Despite trucks not stopping or turning better in snow, being able to accelerate or get through much deeper snow than any other vehicle (assuming the truck is 4WD) does mean that trucks are absolutely good in snow.

Factors That Make Trucks Good In The Snow

High Ground Clearance Trucks or pickup trucks sit at least 8 inches off the ground (for the smallest trucks) and multiple feet for larger or jacked up trucks. 

Type Of Drive Train Trucks with AWD or 4WD work well in snow whereas RWD trucks will get stuck more often than even front wheel drive cars.

Longer Wheelbase Trucks have longer wheelbases that allow slowing down the starting of a spin or a skid.

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