4 Best Lug Nut Wrenchs That Are Worth The Price

The tool which is at the heart of the most common emergency roadside repair you are likely to undertake is the lug nut wrench. The dreaded but ubiquitous flat tire may strike anyone, anywhere, at any time and you need to make sure that you have a good lug nut wrench on hand to help you change it. 

Every vehicle originally comes equipped with a lug nut wrench, so that is good enough, right? Not necessarily! 

Car manufacturers may give you a lug nut wrench with your vehicle but it may not be enough at the time to get the lug nuts loose as they sometimes do skimp on some items like spares and lug nut wrenches.

What to Look for in a Lug Nut Wrench? The most important thing is that it will not only fit your lug nuts but is also long enough that you can apply the needed pressure to remove those stuck on lug nuts.

It is important to know which lug wrench is the right tool for the job in each situation. For example, the lug wrench with a telescoping handle is great when it comes to storage and has a comfortable grip but if you change tires on different types of vehicles it won’t be the best choice. 

Performance Tool W7 4-Way Lug Wrench                         It can be easily stowed in your trunk or toolbox since it folds down nicely. This compact lug nut wrench comes with 4 different socket sizes that will fit 4 different sizes of lug nuts.

Powerbuilt 940558 14″ Universal Lug Wrench This is a traditional 4-Way lug nut wrench which means it does not stow away easily, on the other hand, all four sizes of the lug nuts it fits are all on one tool, and there are no pieces to misplace or lose.

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