3 Ways How To Remove A Wheel Lock

Nowadays more than ever, car wheels are made from valuable materials and no longer rely on bland-looking iron and steel that collect dirt and grime. Many vehicles now take advantage of chrome and sporty designs that not only look better, but have a substantial cost.

Because wheels are made up of such valuable materials and a set of four wheels can cost a few thousand dollars, a wheel lock is necessary to make it more difficult to steal the rims. However, you will need to replace your wheels from time to time. That’s why you need to know how to remove a wheel lock. 

What Are Wheel Locks?  A wheel lock is a specially designed lug nut. While it is still the universal size of the lug nut, it features different kinds of grips so that a regular car-set wrench is not going to fit over it. In order to remove the wheel lock, a wheel lock key is required.

However, because the lug nuts are of a universal size, it is easier for someone else to jack up a car and steal the wheels. While standard wheels are not all that desirable, more expensive metals like chrome are desirable to steal because of the value.

3 Ways to Remove Wheel Lock

Lock Key The best way to remove a wheel lock is to turn to the lock key. The key will come with the vehicle when you purchase it. 12-Point Socket It is good to have a 12-point socket set. You’ll need to test out the different sockets to see which has the nearest fit around the lock.

Towing Service Outside of having the locking key and forcing the 12-point socket onto the key, you now need to turn to the professionals. A professional towing service will have a number of keys that can be used to help remove the lock and the wheel from your vehicle.

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