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Toyota Rav4 Power Outlets: Does It Have Any?

Who else loves the outdoors and camping on weekends? Camping doesn’t have to be an uncomfortable experience for anyone anymore and you can easily bring the whole family along with the convenience and comfort of the technology offered in 21st-century cars.

The Toyota Rav4 comes with a standard power outlet in every trim. Every trim offers at least one 12V/120W auxiliary power outlet in the front passenger area and the rear second-row seating space. Some of the upper trim Rav4 models also provide an AC power outlet in the cargo area.

Entertainment systems keep the kids occupied on long drives, safety features give the parents peace of mind, and the Toyota Rav4 has something else to boast about now too. The standard AUX power outlet can keep your camping gear and technology equipment charged for a more “glamping” style outdoor experience.

Continue reading to learn which Rav4 trims have additional power outlets.

Does the Toyota Rav4 Have Power Outlets?

Yes, the Toyota Rav4 now boasts standard power outlets in each of its trim levels.

The Rav4 also offers an AC power outlet in the rear cargo area of some upper-trim levels of this perfect-for-camping compact SUV.

Did you know that some earlier models of the Toyota Rav4 also have two to three auxiliary power outlets from the front to the cargo space of the car? If you have recently purchased a used Toyota Rav4 check your center dash, your center console, and the side left corner of your cargo space for hidden auxiliary power outlets.

Toyota has been proving owners of the Rav4 with superior technology features for decades and more recently has provided the latest generation of the Toyota Rav4 with some extraordinary technology features that put the Rav4 ahead of the game and keep it more popular than ever.

By 1964 there were at least 1.5 million mobile phone users in the United States according to weburbanist. Today, over 97% of Americans own mobile phones, so being able to charge them while we’re driving is a major and standard convenience in cars today.

Which Toyota Rav4 Has Power Outlets?

Every Toyota Rav4 has at least one auxiliary power outlet in the front seat while others have either an additional auxiliary or AC outlet in the second row and cargo area of the car.

As mentioned above, if you own an older Toyota Rav4, say from the second to fourth generation (2000 – 2012), you may have a couple of hidden auxiliary power outlets in your car.

For the fourth and fifth generations, the power outlets will be located in the front passenger area, possibly one in the second-row seating area, and if you bought an upper trim Rav4, you may have an AC power outlet in the cargo bay rather than the second row.

Here is a table to help you identify which Toyota Rav4 has front, back, and cargo power outlets:

Rav4 Model (2020/2021)Standard Front Passenger Auxiliary Power OutletStandard Second-Row Auxiliary Power OutletStandard Cargo Bay Auxiliary/AC Power OutletAvailable for Upgrade
Toyota Rav4 LEFront storage trayYes No
Toyota Rav4 LE HybridFront storage trayYes No
Toyota Rav4 XLEFront storage tray Standard AuxiliaryNo
Toyota Rav4 XLE HybridFront storage trayYes No
Toyota Rav4 Premium XLEFront storage trayYes No
Toyota Rav4 Premium XLE HybridFront storage trayYes No
Toyota Rav4 XSE HybridFront storage tray Standard Auxiliary Power OutletNo
Toyota Rav4 AdventureFront storage trayYesStandard AC Power OutletNo
Toyota Rav4 TRD Off-RoadFront storage trayYesStandard AC Power OutletNo
Toyota Rav4 LimitedFront storage tray Standard Auxiliary Power OutletNo
Toyota Rav4 Limited HybridFront storage tray Standard Auxiliary Power OutletNo

That should help you to determine if you have an AC power outlet and if you have any secret auxiliary outlets, you didn’t know you had. The secrets out!

In the Toyota Rav4, 2021 trims the power outlets can power or charge up to 12V or 120W and the Rav4 Prime boasts the same.

The Toyota Rav4 has always been a vehicle used by outdoor adventure seekers who love the ease of having a compact SUV with the ability to do some limited off-road driving. It handles well in many environments, has great fuel efficiency, and now you can even cook your breakfast and your dinner from the cargo space.

The TRD Off-Road and the Adventure Rav4 trims have outstanding technology and safety features for those wanting to go a little further off the beaten path and into the wilderness. Though the Rav4 SUV doesn’t quite have the same abilities as a larger off-road machine like the Land Cruiser, it’s not trailing too far behind in technology.

How Do You Use the Power Outlet in The Toyota Rav4?

To use the power outlet in your Rav4 you’ll want to locate it first.

Check out this 2017 Rav4 LE secret compartments review by Matt Wetz at Rice Toyota to locate your auxiliary power outlets.

Flip open the little soft-touch plastic tab to open the outlet and plug in your device. It’s as simple as that.

The cover to the outlet will have the maximum volt or watt capacity written on it so you can avoid trying to charge or power electricals that are not suitable.

What Can I Power with the Rav4 Power Outlet?

With 12V and 120W of power available through your Rav4, there’s a fair amount of electricals you can power.

You can use a toaster in your Adventure or TRD Off-Road cargo power outlet if you really wanted to.

Although these auxiliary power outlets were originally designed to electrically light a cigarette through heat, they became much more popular for charging electrical devices like mobile phones. Today, these outlets are providing and generating much more power to charge and power larger items.

Not only is the cargo space of the Toyota Rav4 large enough for two people to sleep in comfort with the seats folded down, but here’s also a list of a few items you can take on a camping trip with you and plug into the AC power outlet in the back:

  • Mobile phones and iPads (or other electronic pads)
  • Small laptops
  • An electric air pump for a blow-up mattress
  • A small electric heater
  • Defrosters and dehumidifiers
  • 12V or less ovens, toasters, food heaters, cookers, and other food appliances like coolers and food storage items
  • Small electric fans
  • A small portable vacuum
  • A low-profile entertainment system like portable DVD players and stereos
  • A low-powered hairdryer or hair straightener

If you haven’t heard of glamping, when you take the Rav4 out for a trip you’ll find out what glamping is soon enough. If you’re running late for work, with this AC power outlet you can quickly freshen up in the car park!

You could live a very comfortable, possibly cramped for taller people, life in a Toyota Rav4 with its handy power outlets and other numerous comfort features.

Consider getting a converter for your cargo power outlet and have a look at this article on lifewire for more information about how you can run all your electronics from your Rav4.


Technology and convenience along with numerous other advanced features are something the Toyota brand is well known for in its vehicles.

With the addition of the Rav4 Adventure and TRD Off-Roads AC power outlets in the cargo bay of your car, you can now charge your gear while you’re on the road, so you’re always prepared as soon as you arrive at your destination.