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Toyota Rav4 Comfort: Is This Compact SUV Comfortable?

When looking into purchasing a car it’s usually for the long haul. Or at least that’s why manufacturers these days focus a lot of their attention on the interior design and comfort of a vehicle. Because people purchase vehicles based on how comfortable they are to sit in, to drive, and to enjoy. As an investment, vehicles are designed for long-term use.

The Toyota Rav4 is a comfortable, compact, crossover SUV and the recent 2021 ratings have shown that drivers of the Rav4 enjoy its comfortable interior features. Earlier years of the Rav4 have had less-desirable reviews in comfort when compared with its competitors.

If you want a car for its comfort, Toyota is a great place to start. Toyota has manufactured numerous vehicles over the years that have boasted comfortable features and that have outmatched its competitors in more ways than just a comfortable interior design.

Check out the Toyota Rav4 and read further to find out just how comfortable this compact SUV can be.

Is the Toyota Rav4 a Comfortable SUV?

The Toyota Rav4 is a compact crossover SUV that was originally designed to target younger audiences that wanted the benefits of a larger SUV, such as the Land Cruiser or the Highlander, but who couldn’t yet afford their higher price tag.

In designing and creating this first-ever crossover SUV, Toyota made a very comfortable ride for both the driver and his or her passengers.

The Toyota Rav4 is repeatedly rated one of the best cars on the road today for its longevity, reliability, exceptional safety features, and for its comfortable layout.

What Do Driver Reviews Say?

The latest generation of the Rav4, 2019 – present, in keeping up with the 21st century and competition, boasts comfort and luxury in all trim levels of the Rav4.

But if you’re in the market for a used vehicle you’ll want to know about the comfort of the past too.

Is the first generation of the Toyota Rav4 comfortable?

Thinking of purchasing an earlier model of the Rav4? With its reliability ratings, durable design, and efficient long lifespan, if you’ve found a 1996 – 2000 Toyota Rav4 on sale with less than 150,000 miles on its clock you have found something rare.

  • The 1996 Toyota Rav4 scored a 4.4 out of 5 for its comfort rating on
  • The 1996 Rav4 also scored a 4.2 out of 5 in performance
  • Interior design for the 1996 Rav4 received a 4 out of 5

As we said, you found something rare.

Is the second-generation of the Rav4 comfortable?

The Toyota Rav4 was insanely popular in its first year, Toyota continued the range for its second generation but dropped the three-door model and has now enhanced the interior space.

  • According to the second-generation Toyota Rav4 scored a 4.0 out of 5 in its comfort levels
  • The second-generation Rav4 scored a 4.0 out of 5 for its interior design
  • Performance for the Rav4 is slightly less than its first year and scored a 4 out of 5

Is the third-generation Toyota Rav4 comfortable?

Introducing the Toyota Rav4 in its third generation, the V6 era. The third-gen Rav4 was redesigned to provide more horsepower and some additional space for passengers and their luggage.

  • According to Edmunds the 2009 Rav4 which is from the third generation has roomy second-row seating and is comfortable to drive
  • Owners of the third-gen rav4 are happy with the practical comfort but say it is not luxurious
  • This is a comfortable car for people 6ft and taller
  • The elevated driving position is ideal
  • With the ability to move the seat forwards, backward, higher, and lower, as well as the ability to adjust the steering wheel, the comfort can be tailored to your needs

Is the fourth-generation Toyota Rav4 comfortable?

The V6 era is out, and the Prime and Hybrid eras are taking over. Although Toyota started offering hybrid vehicles much earlier than its 2013 models, hybrids only started gaining popularity around the fourth-generation release of the Rav4.

According to numerous online platforms, driver ratings, and the lowest year for complaints, the 2016 Rav4 is the best Rav4 on the market, so we’ve decided to use this year as the example.

  • The 2016 Toyota Rav4 scored a whopping 4.7 out of 5 on
  • 91% of Rav4 drivers recommend the Rav4
  • Interior design scored a 4.5 out of 5
  • Comfort scored a 4.6 out of 5
  • Performance and exterior styling scored a 4.7 out of 5
  • Reliability scored a 4.8 out of 5

If you’re in the market for a comfortable car that looks good inside and out, the fourth generation, more specifically the 2016 Toyota Rav4 is what you’re looking for.

Is the fifth-generation Toyota Rav4 comfortable?

In 2019 Toyota introduced their latest Rav4 edition, the fifth-generation.

The 2019 – 2021 Rav4 comfortably seats up to 5 passengers including the driver and provides ample leg and headroom for people of all heights.

Out of 442 consumer reviews on, the overall rating for the 2019 Rav4 is 4.6 out of 5 and comfort is one of the highest ratings.

  • The 2019 comfort score on the Rav4, based on reviews at is 4.6
  • The interior design rating also scored a 4.6 out of 5
  • The exterior styling is the consumers favorite part of the 2019 Rav4 and scored 4.8 out of 5
  • Reviews are similar across the board and out of 670 reviews on Vehicle History the Toyota Rav4 scored an overall 4.49 out of 5
  • The interior design and comfort of the 2021 Rav4 scored an 8 out of 10 on Cars US News

What Comfortable features Does the Toyota Rav4 have?

Seats and cushioning are not the only things that make for a comfortable journey. Comfort is in the eye of the beholder, and if you’re asking us, we also find comfort in safety and technology features alongside the comfortable cushioning and material of the seats in a vehicle.

Here are the reasons why the Toyota Rav4 scores so highly in comfort points:

  • Adjustable driver’s seat
  • Adjustable steering wheel
  • Spacious leg and headroom
  • Toyota’s SofTex material seats
  • Soft-touch materials throughout the interior design
  • Ventilated front and rear seats
  • Dual-zone climate control
  • Superior safety features like rear cameras smart stop technology provide peace of mind
  • Brake assist and stability control deliver a safe and smooth drive
  • Traction control ensures enhanced grip on the road

The Toyota Rav4 is an extremely popular compact SUV that has been providing a smooth and comfortable ride for drivers for over 20 years. Some years of the Toyota Rav4 have had excessive engine noise complaints, but the majority has proven quiet, smooth, safe, and comfortable.

If you haven’t yet heard of Toyota’s SofTex design, we recommend checking it out. Toyota designed an environmentally-friendly faux leather, breathable, and durable material for the interior comfort of many of their vehicles including the Rav4.

‘Edmunds’ test new and used vehicles every year and they have given a decent review here of the 2019 Toyota Rav4. They go through each trim level as well as what makes this compact SUV stand out from the crowd in its comfort and other features.

You can also take a look at this review from Auto Trader Canada who admires Toyota for their improvements and states Toyota has gone “above and beyond lately” and for making its Rav4 stand out.


If you were going car shopping today and you wrote a list of criteria down for the car sales representative, would comfort be in the top five? Comfort is a huge factor when purchasing a car because it needs to be comfortable for you and your needs.

The Toyota Rav4 has bragged comfort features and high ratings since its release in 1996 and as one of the best-selling vehicles of all time is generally a popular compact SUV to go for. The Rav4 is a reliable car in its safety enhancements, its engine and audio technology, and in its comfortable interior design.