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Sylvania Silverstar Vs. Silverstar Ultra Headlights

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Your headlight bulbs matter a lot when you are headed out on a journey. The bulbs determine the vision you have during night drives and can play a significant role in the safety you have along the way. Knowing the importance they have, it is very important that car owners do not compromise on the bulbs they have for their car.

The headlights you choose should be of the highest quality and should shine bright to make sure you can see as much of the road and surroundings as possible.

Sylvania headlight bulbs have opened the doors to a whole new world as far as their bulbs and lights are concerned. The company has built quite a reputation and is considered among some of the best in the market. Sylvania has introduced us to a world of headlights and bulbs that light the path ahead and make it easy for people to choose from.

Many auto owners may find it hard to make the perfect choice, which is why it is recommended that you go through this article and make the best choice between Sylvania Silverstar vs. Silverstar Ultra. Stay with us as we take you through the features of these bulbs and help you make a refined choice.

Sylvania brands are tried and trusted and are known to provide services that customers can trust. Before you buy any of their headlights, you can rest assured knowing that they are truly reliable and can be trusted.

The efficiency of their headlight bulbs is reliable as well and you can count on them for the long term.

However, regardless of the trust that Sylvania has built over the years, you should still be clear on what you expect from the lights. It is always good to know how you expect the light bulbs to perform so that there is no confusion down the line.

Knowing which Sylvania bulb to buy and what to expect from them can clear away unnecessary confusion; this is exactly what we hope to do in this article.

Sylvania Silverstar vs. Silverstar Ultra Headlights

Both the Silverstar and the Silverstar Ultra are destined for greatness and will give you a good blend of features. The bulbs have a blue coating around the exterior, which can help aid opposite drivers on the road. There is also a tinge of white on the side of the blue to help add to the experience and make the bulbs a little more convenient.

The more recent bulbs within the series come with a reduced blueish essence, with more of the white essence, which can aid drivers on the go. We will discuss some of the key features of the bulbs below, before we can delve deep into the review.

Silverstar UltraSilverstar Basic
Around 1000 lumens with a halogen bulb typeAround 1000 lumens with a halogen bulb type
Can end up costing 40 to 50 percent more than the average bulbs in the market.Cost significantly less than the other bulbs in the market and is easier to buy.
Bulbs tend to last longer than others in the market. Some times for over 30 to 50 percent.Life expectancy of the bulb is bang average without providing anything extensive.
Come without the blue hintBlue hint can add some dullness
Good for all sorts of weather conditions.Not suitable for all weather conditions.
Can give a better view down the road and sideways as well.Does not give a good sideways view to most drivers.
The addition of white hues can add to the nighttime experience, making the drive less stressful for your eyes.Nighttime driving is just adequate with these bulbs. Nothing exceptional.

Review of Silverstar Ultra

The Silverstar Ultra comes without the blueish touch in its design, which helps the bulb induce a better effect. The brightness of the bulb is relatively higher, which can assist in long nighttime drives. The light hues go from white to yellow, which can aid drivers at night.

The headlight bulbs for Silverstar Ultra are especially designed and crafted to replicate the impact sunlight has. Therefore, even driving at night feels relatively soothing to you and less stressful to the eyes.

The life expectancy of the Ultra bulbs is amazing. These bulbs can last for 30 to 50 percent more time than the average bulb, which kind of does justify the higher price tags. Most users want durability, without having to change their bulbs frequently, and the Ultra provides just that with a durable design.

There is a downright disadvantage with the Silverstar Ultra, other than the price point. The bulb is priced a little higher than others by Silverstar and sets higher expectations.

Reviews of Silverstar Basic

Silverstar Basic also has hues and lights that replicate the impact sunlight has during the day. The daylight view coming from your headlights can add brightness to your journey and assist in the night when you have no clear view of what’s ahead.

The Silverstar basic saves on the price aspect, as it is fairly cheaper than the Ultra and even cheaper than some of the other competitors in the market. The best part about the Ultra is that it provides roundabout the same lumens as the Ultra goes on to provide.

Therefore, it is proven that the basic variant is not far off from the Ultra version. However, the basic does suffer a hit when it comes to sideways peripherals. The sideways view from the Silverstar isn’t all that good and the Ultra wins here.

It is hard to drive with a Silverstar Basic in snowy weather. Particles from the snow or even dust can limit your vision and diminish the brightness. It is hence recommended that you go for the Silverstar Ultra over the basic version.

The Ultra is more durable, better prepared for all weathers and better at sideways vision.