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Learning How To Break a Lug Nut Off

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Knowing how to install or loosen a lug nut off is very important for any driver just like knowing the problems that a loose gas cap can cause. Lug nuts are not only loosened when they need to be replaced, but also when you want to fix a flat or do some other repairs.

It is important you learn how to remove and install lug nuts safely since you never know when you will need this skill. In this article, we will learn how to break a lug nut off using few simple tricks.

What Is a Lug Nut?

Wheel alloy in how to break a lug nut off

A lug nut is a fastener used to hold a wheel on a vehicle. Lug nuts come in different shapes and are used on all vehicles that use rubber tires.

Tips, Tools, and More

By taking precautions and having the right tools, how to break a lug nut off can be done safely with the help of a few tips. Since different types of rims should be matched with specific lug nuts, you should buy new lug nuts every time you change your rims.

In case you want to protect your lug nuts against theft, you can use locking nuts which makes use of a special key between the wrench and the nut to install and remove. To easily detect loose nuts, some vehicles are fitted with loose wheel nut indicators.

How to Break a Lug Nut Off

hand using a lug nut in how to break a lug nut off

Park your car on a flat surface. As an additional precaution, apply your parking brakes. Get the right tools for the job. A slug wrench and a screw driver are among the tools which you will need to make how to break a lug nut off easier. A floor jack is just an option.

Remove the hub covers using a screwdriver. The hub covers should be removed gently to access the lug nuts. Remove the lug nuts. Secure the lug wrench on a lug nut and pull it counter-clockwise until the lug nut becomes loose. Continue pulling it until it becomes loose enough to be removed by your fingers.

Loosen all the nuts using a star pattern. A star pattern involves skipping the nutadjacent to the one you have immediately removed simplifies how to break a lug nut off because it keeps the wheel centered.


man showing how to break a lug nut off

Lug nuts can be challenging to remove if you are not familiar with the removing process. However, the above tips will be helpful to anyone who didn’t know how to break a lug nut off.

You can go through them again to master them well and start removing and installing lug nuts yourself.