Is AWD Necessary In A Minivan? (What Are The Benefits?)

Is AWD Necessary In A Minivan?

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Whether something is a must have or not is really up to the individual person as each minivan owner will use their vehicle for something different. Some people won’t buy a vehicle without all wheel drive while others see it as an unnecessary expense. 

For most people having AWD on their minivan is a luxury but it isn’t really necessary. Even in the locations with the worst winter weather, minivans that are FWD will still get around just fine in almost every situation. 

If you live in a location that gets a lot of snowfall then having AWD on your minivan can be nice as it will give you that extra peace of mind but in almost every case, where an all wheel drive minivan can go, a front wheel drive one can as well. 

AWD is among those features which provide better control and handling of any vehicle so it is certainly a nice feature to have, don’t get me wrong. However, it isn’t needed in almost every case and for most people, paying the extra money to get it on their minivan really isn’t worth it. 

Minivans are the automobiles that are mostly preferred for family purposes so it is not that necessary to have AWD in your minivan since most people avoid driving in the worst weather anyway. Minivans are typically used by people who live in the city or on a paved road and since these vehicles are well constructed they don’t generally need AWD on them. 

AWD is really only needed for off road situations which you will rarely (if ever) take your minivan into. To see some of the most popular gadgets for your vehicle just click here.

What is AWD?

The all-wheel-drive system is the mechanism by which the movement occurs in all of the wheels of a vehicle at the same time as opposed to just the front or rear wheels powering the vehicle’s movement. The mechanism of driving a vehicle depends upon the movement of the axle and the connected wheels. AWD enables all the wheels, whether it is front or rear, to power the vehicle forward or back. 

This in turn allows the vehicle with AWD to have much more control when driving and an AWD vehicle is much less likely to get stuck in snow, mud, etc. 

What are the benefits of AWD?

The benefits of AWD are practical and helps the user in getting maximum performance and efficiency from their vehicle. If you are trying to decide if AWD is worth it to you for your minivan then you will certainly want to know if hat the benefits are. 

Following are some of the best advantages you will get if you choose to get an AWD minivan. 

Better acceleration

You can get better acceleration with AWD as compared to a two-wheel drive vehicle. The traction/power is divided equally into the four wheels, which in turn helps in having better acceleration. 

In a minivan this probably won’t be noticeable unless you typically hammer the gas from a stop but it is a benefit of all wheel drive. 


If you are using a minivan for commercial purposes, specifically for towing something, AWD can help you extensively. The AWD substantially reduces the chance of getting stuck. It will help you to get maximum power, which helps a lot in saving time and effort.  


With AWD, one can expect a superior level of handling, which makes it quite suitable for those who want to have safety and speed at the same time. If you are opting for AWD, then it will specifically provide enjoyment in driving.


If a vehicle is equipped with AWD, then its value substantially increases. This can be seen when you are going to sell your vehicle. In comparison to two-wheel-drive vehicles, the exposure and popularity of AWD are massive.

However, you will often spend considerably more to purchase an AWD minivan initially so in most cases there is no value added as you will pay more initially but will also be able to sell for more in the future. 

Peace of mind

Many people don’t realize it but having AWD can make you much more peaceful when you are behind the wheel of your vehicle. This is because you won’t have to worry as much about getting stuck in bad weather or when you go someplace where the road conditions are not very good (gravel roads in springtime for example). 

Whether the peace of mind is worth the extra cost or not though is up to you. 

These are some of the benefits of having AWD on your minivan. If you are trying to decide if a minivan with all wheel drive is for you, then these should be considered before you purchase one. 

How does AWD help in driving? 

When it comes to driving, control and handling play a significant part in the safety of the vehicle. This can be achieved with AWD enabled vehicles. If you are driving an AWD vehicle, then it will provide many significant advantages while you are driving. 

You can get a substantial advantage in driving through increased control and handling that will help the driver get the most out of the vehicle. It also reduces the chance of sudden accidents. 

From a safety point of view, this can be the savior for drivers. 

Minivans with AWD are typically safer simply because the driver will have better control over the vehicle than having one with just front wheel drive. But, when driving on pavement or even when braking, AWD won’t make any difference. 

Do all minivans come with AWD?

Most of the minivans that are currently on the market don’t come with AWD and some manufacturers don’t even offer it as an option on their vehicles. 

The reason that AWD isn’t standard or isn’t even offered is because minivans are family-friendly vehicles that are not preferable for rugged or off road usage. 

Though some of the minivan models will come with all-wheel drive, it is not wise to expect AWD to be on every minivan. However, there have been some models that are equipped with all the features, including AWD in the past. If you want to attain a used minivan equipped with some AWD, you can get that easily but don’t expect to find it on all of them. 

Though some used minivans are equipped with AWD, finding these older vehicles with this feature is a cumbersome process. It is best to opt for newly manufactured minivans with or without AWD. Going for a brand new model of an AWD vehicle is always preferable for getting maximum benefits. 

Which minivans offer all wheel drive? 

At this time, only two models provide AWD as an optional feature. These vehicles are quite popular as these minivans are equipped with many other compelling features as well. Here you can get all the information that can help you to select one of them if you are planning to buy an AWD minivan. .  

Toyota Sienna

This is certainly the most expensive minivan with AWD. The variant which comes with AWD is available with the seating capacity of 7 passengers. It also comes with a 296-horsepower, 3.5-liter V6 engine and an eight-speed automatic transmission. With this, you can get the desired feature of AWD as well as the tons of other great features. 

Chrysler Pacifica

This is among the most popular minivans on the market and it comes with an optional AWD. If you want to opt for one, this can be the ultimate vehicle that provides all the functionalities that you could possibly want or need. 

It has an optional AWD drive that helps the user to meet all of their driving needs. It is powered with a 287 horsepower 3.6-liter V6 engine that has a nine-speed automatic transmission. With these, you can expect massive functionalities and efficient driving experience.


With the help of AWD, one can get maximum efficiency in driving a minivan. However, it is not mandatory to go for those minivans that are equipped with AWD. Other variants provide the same features as the AWD ones so unless you are driving in a lot of snow, mud, etc. you probably don’t need AWD on your minivan. 

The above information will help you to narrow it down and decide if you need AWD or not. It is crucial to define the driving needs to select an appropriate automobile. If you are selecting an AWD enabled vehicle, then the above minivans will work perfectly for you. 

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