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How to Make Your Minivan Look Cool (Can Anything Do That?)

If you were to count the benefits of a minivan, it would be a very long list. It gives more cargo space than any other vehicle its size and it’s the best vehicle for people who have a big family. Hence, many people prefer using a minivan over any other car. 

However, minivans are often looked at as uncool vehicles and some people think that a minivan is only a good vehicle for a family.

Although this is true to some extent, it does not mean that a minivan cannot look cool so in this article I will cover some things you can do to unleash your inner creativity and make your minivan stand out. 

Some of the best ways to make your minivan a little more cool is to:

  • Add stick family figures (the more unique the better) 
  • Add balloons or other cool stickers
  • Decorate the front 
  • Use those dents
  • Invest in a good sound system
  • Embrace it

In this article, I will go into more depth about each of these ideas to help make your minivan look a little bit more cool. These ideas likely won’t change many people’s perception of minivan’s but they will make you stand out from the rest of the family haulers on the road. 

Add stick family figures 

You might think sticking family figures on the back window of the vehicle is boring and mainstream. However, you can find ways to add stick family figures in your unique way, which stands you out from all. 

It alone won’t make your minivan stand out from others, but it can allow you to get as creative as you want with your vehicle. 

Adding exaggerated numbers of pets to your family figure stickers are one way to make your minivan look cool. You can add a long row of cats, or you can add several rows of your favorite cat with different facial expressions. There are also family figure stickers available, which has a theme of Disney, Star Wars, zombies, and other TV show or movie themes.

Choosing one of the sticker sets that is unique to you and your family can go a long ways to make your minivan more “cool”.

There are also stickers, which say something like, “We are hoot” and the family is presented through a series of owls. Another example of such stickers is a family of penguins saying, “We are just chilling,” or a family of bears saying, “Bear with us.” 

These stickers will make your minivan look adorable with only the simplest touch and a little bit of creativity. 

If you still find family stickers uncool, then you can opt for stickers like “nobody cares about your family stickers” with nice graphics or simply putting different stickers related to each person in your family’s favorite item or show. 

These will all help brighten up your dull minivan.

Add fun with balloons and stickers.

Children will absolutely go crazy for balloons and stickers. However, they are forgotten easily once they are bought. Balloons look too adorable at a time, which we do not want. What you can do is stick the limp balloons at the back window of your minivan. When you are driving, it slaps against the window glass and creates a rhythmic sound. It can soothe your children and make them sleep. 

As for the stickers, it can go a long way in making your minivan unique. Let your child decorate “their” windows with stickers of different sizes and shapes. The beautiful patterns on the tinted window can make your minivan admired by every other kid in town! 

Decorate the front

If you think that the front part or mirror of your car does not matter, then you are wrong. More people than you think notices the front of your minivan. 

You don’t have to over-do the decoration but your kids will always be able to come up with a different way to make something out of leftover things in your garage.

You can use them as a front mirror dangler, or you can buy something ready-made to go on the front windshield or even stick above the headlights (such as eyelashes). 

If you want to go with something classy, go for a crystal dangler for your front mirror or something with some significance to you and your family. 

However, you should make sure not to overdo it since too much stuff can be distracting for the driver. 

Use dents in your favor

I am not saying that you should use the biggest hammer possible and dent your minivan left and right. You don’t have to dent your minivan on purpose but you can use the dent that you have gotten accidentally in your favor. 

Dents are the original expression of your driving, and it gives textured look to your minivan. If you are feeling extra daring, then you can also use minivan spray paints and give a unique look to your minivan around the dents or even add a sticker of a monster or Hulk landing on the dent to give someone a laugh. 

 Invest in a sound system

You can quickly take your minivan from a zero to hero (or zero to one anyway) by adding an amazing sound system. 

It used to be that adding a sound system and custom speakers would cost many thousands of dollars but as technology has advanced the prices of a good system has gone down considerably.  

Being able to turn up your bass will make your kids happy (although your neighbors might not be)! 

When the bass overpowers the actual music, it will transfer your boring minivan into a cool one. It will make you look much younger and hipper however, make sure you are not overdoing it; it might cause headaches to your children and people around you. 

Also, car dancing may not make you look cooler; but it can make you look a lot younger, and it is a lot more fun than it seems. 

Embrace it 

I know you’re looking for ways to make your minivan cool and embracing the uncoolness doesn’t exactly fit into that. However when you embrace your minivan for what it is and use it in the variety of different ways that it can be used then a minivan doesn’t look as “uncool” anymore. 

For example if you have some friends that are moving, offer to use your minivan to help them. Once you’ve shown them how useful it is to have a giant vehicle that can fit tons of stuff inside they likely won’t see it as “uncool” as they once did. 

Embrace all the features that make a minivan so useful to people and show them off and it’s likely that your minivan will be more cool because of it. 

How can I decorate my minivan without damaging the paint?

Adding decorations is a great way to make your minivan look cool. However, exterior decorations can cause damage to your minivan if you aren’t careful. To avoid that, you can add signs and decorations on the minivan’s exterior using magnetic tape or simply only use magnets. 

Magnetic tape is quite sturdy and should not damage your minivan’s paint. 

How can I make my minivan’s interior look cute? 

You can decorate your minivan in several ways. You can take your steering wheel and add cute covers to it. You can also use wheel covers that speak a lot about your personality. 

You can opt for classic black covers or some cartoon cover, which suits your personality best. 

You can also decorate your seats and dashboards with a variety of different covers. If you want to avoid seat covers then you can simply use blankets. It decorates your minivan and is super easy to clean as well. 

You can also add mats to your floor just like you can fit your house to showcase your individual tastes.  

What paints should I use to decorate my minivan windows? 

Adding paint to your minivans is a great way to make your vehicle look cool and trendy. You can use any water-based acrylic craft paint to get the job done. We advise you to use bright colors when it comes to painting on your window. You can start with color and make another color layer on top of it which will make it more visible and eye-catching. 

If you are worried that removing paint can damage the minivan, then do not worry. All you will need is a razor blade for removing paint. Use slowly and carefully to avoid any kind of scratches on the paint near the window. 


I hope this article has been helpful in giving you some ideas of things that you can do to make your minivan a little bit cooler. 

The best advice I can give you though is to simply embrace the fact that your minivan is designed more for utility than it is for looks so use your minivan to haul people or cargo and then get an amazing second car to showcase how cool you are!