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How Much Does It Cost To Fix AC In A Car

Americans love their cars. We drive a brand new car off the lot and can’t wait to add something to it: a vanity plate, bumper sticker or maybe a pair of fuzzy dice dangling from the rearview mirror. The cars we drive are often an expression of our personalities.

One expression nobody wants to make about themselves is that of a hot, sweaty and annoyed driver cruising down the road with a broken air conditioner. In this article, we’ll teach you a little about your car’s A/C and answer that burning question, how much does it cost to fix AC in car?

About Your Car’s A/C

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An automobile’s A/C system is made up of three major components: the compressor, the evaporator and the condenser. Sensors, belts, hoses and connectors keep it all together and running. It sounds simple, but a lot can go wrong.

Common Car AC Problems

1. Leaks

This is the most common problem. As cars age, hoses, gaskets and connectors tend to deteriorate and weaken. This causes the refrigerant to leak and your A/C to lose its cooling capability.

2. The Compressor or Condenser Goes

The compressor is the single most important part of your car’s A/C. It’s basically a pump that keeps the refrigerant moving through the entire system. The condenser is the part that transfers the heat from inside your car to the outside environment. If either breaks, due to age or a faulty internal part, your A/C will not function.

3. Adding the Wrong Refrigerant

There are two main types of refrigerants, one found in older cars and one used in new cars since 1994. If the wrong one is added to your car’s system, it will contaminate the entire system and set you up for a major repair.

So, How Much Does It Cost to Fix AC in Car?

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Repair costs will vary by geographic location and individual repair shop charges. We’ll give you an estimated range of what these repairs are likely to cost. Keep in mind, there will be a charge just to have your system inspected.

1. AC Leak Repair Cost

If the issue is a leak, then the cost will be between $50 and $200, and likely closer to the top end unless luck is with you.

2. Repair Cost If The Compressor or Condenser Goes

To replace the whole compressor or condenser, expect to pay between $500 and $1,000. 

3. Repair Cost To Repair The Wrong Refrigerant

If the wrong refrigerant has been added, the fix will run you between $500 and $2000. Why so high? There’s a chance most or all of the individual parts will have to be replaced.


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Cars are great until something goes wrong. They’re easy to take for granted but if you own one long enough, you’re likely to have a problem or two along the way. If the A/C goes and you’re left asking, “how much does it cost to fix AC in car?”,  we’ve given you that information.

Of course, your car will run without A/C, so you can always just roll down the windows and cruise like they did back in the day.