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H11 vs. 9005 Headlight Bulb (Pros & Cons)

The H11 vs. 9005 Headlight Bulb is one that many people partake in before buying the right headlight bulbs for their vehicle. Your headlights play an integral role in your vehicle’s operations during the night, which is why it is extremely important that you get the best of the best installed at the front.

In this article, we give a comparison of both H11 and 9005 headlight bulbs and run you through the performance mechanism found in both these headlight bulbs. You can read through this review to compare both the bulbs and find out the one you think is better for your car.

Studying the 9005 LED Bulb

The 9005 LED bulb is highly popular with the masses and is a high beam LED bulb that can easily go into your vehicle’s headlight. Since the 9005 LED bulb is a high beam option, it can produce a lot more light than some of the other varieties available in the market today. The extra illumination can help you increase visibility up ahead and can give you a clearer view of the road.

The 9005 LED bulb is the perfect light bulb to have on your car for inclement weather. The light bulb can help combat poor weather and extremely dark conditions to give you the proper visibility you need for your vehicle.

Besides just placing these bulbs on your headlamp, you can also conveniently use them for your fog light. The intensity of the bulb can help you tread through precarious conditions and increase the performance of the vehicle.

Since the 9005 LED bulbs are high beam options, it is always good to check up on their legality before you use them in your vehicle. You should always check your options before you go for these bulbs in your car. You shouldn’t go for these bulbs without checking on the legal requirements in the state that you are driving.

The lighting provided by the 9005 LED bulb is almost 200 percent better than what you can expect from halogen bulbs in the market today. The 9005 LED bulb can light up the path ahead and beat standard halogens.

The bulb is available in three color tubes, including white, amber and blue. You can pick whichever color and option suits you best to tweak your headlight a little and get the best response possible from the bulb.

You can use this light today and get the guaranteed 5000 hours of operation that the manufacturers offer.

Pros and Cons of the 9005 Bulbs:

There are certain upsides and downsides that you can expect from the 9005 LED bulb. These pros and cons include:


  • The 9005 LED bulbs are a lot brighter than many of the other options and bulbs you have in the market. The bulb can provide decent lighting to help take you through dust, darkness and fog.
  • The 9005 LED bulb hosts the potential to improve your car’s aesthetic and can give you a good return on investment.
  • Most 9005 LED bulbs have a decent life span, with many going over 50000 hours in operation. This is decent and can save you from unnecessary replacements.
  • The 9005 LED bulbs can sit well inside sockets meant for low beam lights.
  • The efficient mechanism of the 9005 LED bulb can help reduce heat and comes with directional lighting.


  • The 9005 LED bulb can end up consuming more power and electricity in comparison to typical bulbs available in the market today. The bulb can drain your car’s battery within minutes if it is left on on idle.
  • The extra brightness can be dangerous for other motorists and does not comply with regulations in place within most states.

Reviewing H11 LED Bulbs

The H11 LED bulbs carry a low beam mechanism, making them ideal for your vehicle. You can easily place these bulbs on the current sockets within your vehicle and enjoy the constant output they offer. The low beam feature makes these bulbs suitable for both headlights and fog lights.

The H11 LED bulbs are perfectly legal for driving in the city and do not hinder the vision of other motorists on the road. As a legal driver, these bulbs ensure that you look out for others on the road and do not disturb their vision.

The H11 LED bulb comes with an L-shape vision, which isn’t compatible with the 9005 we mentioned above. The H11 LED bulbs can be considered as a member of the same family that H8, H9 and H16 bulbs come from.

The H11 LED bulbs offer decent brightness to most users and give you a good view of everything above without hindering the driving experience of others on the road. The bulb comes pre-installed with a nice blue cap, which can add hues of blue to your driving experience and take it up a notch.

The aesthetics of H11 LED bulbs rank among the best in the industry. The H11 LED bulb is also durable in nature and can contrast the durability of the 9005.

Pros and Cons of the H11 LED bulbs

There are certain upsides and downsides that you can expect from the H11 LED bulbs. These pros and cons include:


  • These bulbs come with a low beam mechanism, which is good for driving on city roads.
  • The bulb can interchangeably be used for fog lights and on your headlamp.
  • The low intensity doesn’t blind other motorists.
  • The low heat dissipation of the H11 LED bulb makes them durable.
  • The bulb consumes only 55 watts of energy


  • Can prove to be dim in inclement weather.

Both H11 LED bulbs and the 9005 headlight bulb come with their own specifications and advantages. You should study your vehicle type and assess your exact needs before you make your choice.