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Duralast Vs. Everstart Car Batteries (5 Differences)

Car batteries have developed in mechanical prowess and boast of a number of new and exciting features today. Newer car batteries can come with a decent advantage over ones that were made just a few years ago and offer good resistance to damage as well.

A good car battery will not get easily damaged by forces of the weather or have many tech inefficiencies to provide decent performance on the road and to give your car’s electronics the resistance and performance they need.

Almost all car batteries come with the same components but perform differently when put under the hood. There are a number of car battery brands available in the industry today, with some having premium features and others promoting greater cost-efficiency.

Duralast and Everstart are highly popular with users today and have been operational in the industry for a long time. Both batteries pack a punch as far as performance is concerned and can help give you exceptional performance when you are on the road.

In this article, we will discuss the primary differences between Everstart and Duralast car batteries. Both these batteries are prominent in the market and are preferred by drivers. Stay with us as we compare the two and give our verdict on which one you can trust more.

The primary objective behind this article is to compare the features and performance of Duralast and Everstart batteries. Our comparison will look at technical sides related to both batteries and give you actionable insights on which one you can choose.

Comparing Duralast vs. Everstart Batteries

The primary objective behind this article is to compare the features and performance of Duralast and Everstart. Our comparison will look at technical sides related to both batteries and give you actionable insights on which one you can choose.

Both Duralast and Everstart come with different batteries in the market. These batteries have unique characteristics, which can help them withstand the complications of time and come out on top.

The basic comparison of both batteries is conducted below to help give you perspective on what they carry in terms of features and how they are different or similar.

Model: Duralast 24- DLModel: EverStart Maxx
Reserve capacity: 110 minutesReserve capacity: 110 minutes
Cold cranking amperage: 600 ACold cranking amperage: 800 A
Voltage: 12 VDCVoltage: 12 VDC
Group size: 24FGroup size: 78N
Specially designed paste to improve performanceLead acid automotive battery fits & Maximum Starting Power
2 year replacement warranty3 year replacement warranty

The table above does clarify that besides a few basic differences, both Duralast and Everstart happen to have similar characteristics. There are no major differences between these two batteries and they carry similar features.

Comparing Amperage for Cold Cranking

Cold cranking amperage or CCA determines the mechanical prowess of a battery to start quickly within cold temperature. A single battery rated at 12 Volts can generate energy for 30 seconds at 0 degrees Celsius. The energy generated here is known as cold cranking amperage or CCA. Higher CCAs usually mean better cranking power for the battery.

There seems to be a significant difference in cranking for both Everstart and Duralast. Duralast batteries have a CCA of 600 amps, whereas the CCA for Everstart batteries is rated at 800 amps. Everstart batteries can hence provide a smooth cranking experience when they are given a cold start.

Weather Conditions

Weather conditions can heavily determine the starting mechanism of your car’s battery. Both Everstart and Duralast provide car batteries that are best preferred in different weather conditions. While you can blindly trust Duralast batteries in cold weather, they don’t perform as well when used in hot weather. Extreme hot weather can drain the batteries of their performance.

In comparison, Everstart batteries can easily be started in both low and high temperatures. However, if we had to pick a preference for them, Everstart batteries perform better when used in higher temperatures.

Reserve Minutes

Reserve minutes are denoted in the form of time and find out for how long a battery can sustain a provided load. The measurement is conducted on batteries that are fully charged and where the load is known to be of 25 amperage or more.

As mentioned in our table, both Everstart and Duralast batteries come with a reserve load of 110 minutes. This means that your car’s battery will remain functional for at least 2 hours if you lead a load on in reserve capacity.

Battery Cost

While we don’t recommend choosing a car battery based solely on cost, we believe it can be a good comparison between two different options. Users often have a set budget in mind while buying a battery or other components, which is why they will want to make sure that the battery meets their requirements.

Since it is hard to pick the price variants for both brands as a whole, we have compared prices for the models we picked earlier. The Duralast 24-DL will currently cost you around 130 dollars, while the Everstart 24F will cost you almost 90 dollars. The Everstart is definitely a cheaper option.


Durability for car batteries is measured on the basis of the time they can be used for. More durable batteries are made of reliable materials and can prove to be less problematic in the long run. Every car owner wants batteries that are easy to crank and don’t fall prey to issues every day.

Duralast batteries come with only 2 years of warranty, while EverStart batteries come with almost 3 to 5 years of warranty for their services. EverStart has gained a decent reputation in customers for its elaborate warranty period and is the choice of many buyers today.

People want to be able to install the batteries without worrying about frequent repairs and replacements.

Final Thoughts

From our discussion above, it is clear that there are some differences and some similarities between Duralast and Everstart. While cases will defer based on use, we believe your best choice is to go for Everstart batteries on the fact that they cost less and provide a longer warranty period.