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Do Trucks Fit In Garages? (When Won’t They?)

Most people who buy trucks do so because they love how big it is because they need a big vehicle for hauling lots of stuff or simply love driving a large vehicle. 

But new truck buyers often forget about the accommodation space that these trucks need. Putting a brand new truck in a garage is a great idea… but will it fit? 

A pickup truck will fit inside of a normal two car garage as long as it isn’t jacked up (lifted) at all. If the suspension has been adjusted from its factory height it will then be too tall to fit past the entrance. 

Garaging a vehicle is necessary for its finish to last longer. Moreover, it helps keep the vehicle safe from harsh weather conditions and also theft. 

However if your truck is jacked up (lifted) it won’t fit in a garage so you miss out on those benefits. 

If that is the case for you then one option (and likely your best one) is to get a carport to put next to the garage. Carports are normally much taller than the average garage door so you can easily fit a truck under it even if the truck has been lifted. 

Another option is to raise the entry on your garage. However this is a pretty expensive solution and likely not worth spending the money on. 

Things To Consider When Putting A Truck In the Garage

Fitting a truck in a garage and parking the truck comfortably in the garage are two completely different things. 

Many people often forget to consider the garage space before getting a new large vehicle. While midsize pickup trucks can almost always easily fit in the pre-existing garage, problems arise when the size of the truck is large or the suspension has been altered. 

Assuming, almost everyone has a garage attached to their homes; there are certain points to keep in mind while buying the truck of our dreams. 

The Garage Entry Height Of The Garage

The lowest point of the garage is the garage door. Typically the ceiling of the garage will go up 3-4 more feet above the height of the door frame so measuring the ceiling height won’t tell you if a truck will fit. 

You have to measure the height of the doorway entrance! 

This height will determine whether a heavy-duty or half-ton truck will fit in the garage. 

The Garage Door And Truck Length:

A large truck may or may not let the garage door close depending on whether you have the extended bed on the truck and whether the garage is standard length or a bit shorter. 

Thus, the truck length is an important matter of concern while getting this new vehicle.

Support Beams

Many garages will have support beams, so we have to keep them in mind so that the truck doors can easily open inside the garage once it is parked.

You have to watch out for support beats hanging down from the rafters as well as one’s left on the wall which could affect the height or width that you actually have. 

Room For Movement 

Although it may not seem as important yet if there is limited room after placing the vehicle inside the garage, there are chances that the truck might get minor bumps while parking or while climbing in and out. 

A good rule of thumb for a big enough garage is that it allows at least 2 feet distance around the vehicle.

Keeping all these factors in mind, you should break out your tape measure and check the space that you have as well as the truck you are buying (or just bought) 

Although a standard full size pickup will fit inside of a standard two car garage you don’t want to find out too late that either your garage or new truck aren’t standard and then won’t fit! 

What To Do If A Truck Does Not Fit In A Garage

Major research is required before buying a new vehicle and that includes the garage space research too. But, if someone has already bought a truck without prior research and is stuck at placing the vehicle properly in the garage, what can they do? 

There is a list of things that can be done if the vehicle doesn’t fit in the already existing garage.

Add Height To The Garage Entrance 

Where the height of the garage can rarely be changed without spending some serious money however the garage door can be changed for far cheaper (although still not cheap. 

If you have no other place to park your truck (and no room for a carport as mentioned earlier) then this might be the best option for you. 

Lower The Truck 

If adding inches to the height of the garage door is not an option, then the vehicle can be lowered to give you the clearance that you need. 

For example, you could get shorter tires and lower suspension as that might help the truck fit where it previously hadn’t. 

You could even get an adjustable suspension that would allow you to lift the truck when you are using it and make it really low when you are ready to put it in your garage. 

Gaining Space

Sometimes the height or length issue has nothing to do with the truck itself and everything to do with what else you have in your garage. 

If you have bikes hanging from the ceiling, a bunch of tool chests or freezers, or simply a lot of “stuff” that you’ve accumulated over the years then moving it might give you just enough space to fit your new truck! 

Remove Truck Accessories

Accessories like lumber racks, camper shells, all-terrain tires, a lift kit, LED lights, etc. can be removed so as to decrease the height to some extent. 

Of course if you paid and installed those things yourself then you probably won’t want to remove them, however if you want to fit your truck in the garage you may not have a choice! 


In most cases all standard sized (or smaller) trucks will fit in a two car garage without too many issues. 

However if you are looking to get an F-450 with an extended cab, and extended bed, and with a lifted suspension then you will be hard pressed to find a garage to fit it in! 

It is always better to buy a vehicle after knowing everything possible about its parking space than to already buy it and then have to figure out what to do with your new truck that won’t fit. 

Research and measure the garage, measure the vehicle you are planning on buying, and then compare them both to see if the truck will fit. 

Always be sure to measure for any light bars or roof racks as those often get forgotten but still add to the height of the truck.