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Do Toyota Tacomas Last A Long Time?

Buying a new car can be scary especially if you’re putting a lot of money into it. But buying the right car will make the decision much easier for the buyer and can work out to be a great investment if you choose a decent vehicle. 

Enter questions like, how reliable is it, what are the safety features, and how many miles will I get out of it?

Toyota Tacoma’s are a renowned vehicle for lasting well over 300,000 miles in their lifetime if looked after and maintained efficiently. Tacoma’s have been known to go 15 years or more without needing any maintenance and can be found on the used-car sales market today, still in good condition, with over 400,000 miles! 

Tacoma’s are built with simplicity and durability in mind and have been a popular make in the mid-sized pickup truck segment since their original first-generation was released in 1995. 

Do you know why they’re still so popular? One of the main reasons is because they generally last a long time. In this article I will try to fill you in on just how long that is.

How Long Do Toyota Tacomas Last?

If you’re considering purchasing a Tacoma and want to know more about the typical mileage range to look for, you’ve come to the right place.

Many of the first generation Tacomas that were manufactured and first brought to the roads in 1995 are still on our roads today. That should give you a decent indication of how long they last in regards to years. They last an incredibly long time. 

Here are a few statistics to keep in mind when considering how long a Tacoma will last in mileage:

  • 2.8% of Toyota Tacoma’s on the road today are over the 200,000-mile mark and still going strong
  • Listed as a midsize and compact pickup truck option that can go extreme distances on or off-road by multiple platforms and truck fans and has a strong track record in reliability
  • Not many mid-sized pickup trucks can live up to the longevity of the Toyota Tacoma
  • Iseecars rates the Tacoma extremely high and gives it a high ranking of 8.2 for reliability, value retention, and safety.
  • 92% of drivers registered on have voted the Tacoma as a recommended car

Reliability, durability, and quality are the foundations upon which the Tacoma fan base was built – iseecars

What Is Considered Good Mileage For A Used Tacoma?

The popular Toyota model is still a very sought-after car in the used car sales market and one of the main reasons why is simply because they last longer and can drive hundreds of thousands of miles without needing any engine repairs.

  • Tacoma’s have been known to last, without needing any major repairs, for 15 years and longer
  • A good range of mileage for a Tacoma is typically over 200,000 miles for both the 4-cylinder and V6 engines

If you check today, you’ll find thousands of Tacoma’s available on the market today and their prices are generally not that cheap as far as second hand/used vehicles go. 

You might find 2006 models with over 160,000 miles that are still selling for over $17,000!

What makes this significant in research? 2006 Toyota Tacoma’s were released at a market value between US$17,000 and US$22,000 when they had zero miles on the clock. 

They have held their value, years down the line, even with having driven over 100,000 miles.

You can check out some fan-based reviews at TacomaWorld for reviews from Tacoma lovers and drivers throughout the US for real-life reviews on the popular Toyota model.

What Is Considered Good Mileage For A Vehicle?

Usually, when purchasing a new (used) vehicle we’re told to look closely at the mileage and only select vehicles with a lower mileage because it typically means you’ll get more and longer use out of the vehicle. 

Did you know this isn’t always the case?

When most people are buying a new used car, they look for mileage lower than 100,000. Do you remember the days the odometer in a vehicle only ever reached 99,999? That hasn’t been the case for a little while now as vehicles are designed to last much longer than 100,000 miles.  So when looking at buying a used car, you might not want to look at the mileage right away.

Depending on the make and model of the car, as well as how well it’s looked after in maintenance, and how the driver drives the car, buying a car with higher mileage isn’t always a terrible idea.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when considering the mileage of a car and whether it’s a good purchase or not:

  • New technology and mechanical enhancements can assist in prolonging the life of a vehicle
  • Simple engine designs are easier to maintain and can last much longer than newer complicated engine models
  • Maintaining your vehicle will result in it lasting much longer than 100,000 miles
  • Vehicle age average on the roads is rising every year
  • A vehicle’s condition should not be judged on the mileage but rather the condition of the car
  • Misuse of a vehicle has been known to cause more mechanical and engine issues than regularly used cars – cars are designed to be driven, not sitting in a garage for prolonged periods and undriven cars will result in car parts breaking down and failing
  • Cars typically start to have maintenance issues at the 100,000-mile mark, when they’re approximately 8-10 years old

What About Mileage For A Used Pickup Truck?

When looking to purchase a used pickup truck, always consider the condition of the whole vehicle before considering the mileage on the truck. The mileage on a decent pickup truck, like the Tacoma, can last over 400,000 miles if well looked after and you might still get a few more years out of it yet.

Basically, the better you look after your vehicle, the longer it will last in mileage and maintenance issues.

When looking at buying a used pickup truck it’s good to know what it was used for by previous owners so if you can get information like that, it’s definitely handy to have.

Generally speaking, for diesel engines, just under 200,000 miles is still a fine truck to purchase as a used vehicle and can last you many years into the future if it was maintained and if you continue its maintenance.

Here are a few things worth looking into if considering buying a used vehicle with over 100,000 miles on its odometer:

  • Who were the previous owners and what did they use the vehicle for? Keep in mind that short drives vs long drives plays a part in the wear and tear of the vehicle too. Longer drives over the time the vehicle is used might work out with less wear and tear to other components of the vehicle, its engine, radiator, and other mechanical features.
  • Mechanical history from any previous repairs
  • Age vs mileage

Final Thoughts

Judging a car by its mileage is not the way of the future. Cars are designed to last longer in today’s era but should be checked over by a mechanic if possible before buying second hand. 

Tacomas, however, has been designed with reliability and resilience in mind since 1995.

Tacoma’s are a long-lasting sturdy car with a decent engine design that owners have deemed reliable for years and will continue to last over 200,000 miles when properly maintained. 

For most vehicles, every mile made on the odometer will decrease the value of the car, but for a well-maintained Tacoma, it holds its value pretty well and has been known to last over 400,000 miles.