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Car Washes Are Way More Important Than You Think 

Regular car washes are very important for the performance of your car’s exterior. The first thing that comes to mind when we think about cars and performance is the engine, exhaust and the other vital parts. The exterior almost always comes last. What we forget is that it is the exterior that made the car stand out in the first place. All you need is some good car wash soap and a high-quality wax every 2-3 washes.

Washing your car regularly reduces the number of times the body is exposed to elements like tar, sap, and bird poop. These are the elements that break down the car’s body sealer when left unattended for a while. Here is why car washes are more important than people think they are:

They maintain the car’s good condition

Your car is always picking up dust and grime. Although it is not very noticeable in brighter colored cars, after a while it will start to chip away at the car’s paint and expose the metal beneath. Once the metal layer is exposed, the rust spreads very quickly, and when rust begins to spread, eradicating it can be very tough.

The worst times for your vehicle’s interior are during winter. The same salt that helps to melt ice on roads causes a lot of damage to your car.

Fuel efficiency

Clean cars have better fuel efficiency. Dirt creates drag in a car, which causes it to burn much more fuel than it should. In fact, a clean car has been shown in some studies to have 10 percent more fuel efficiency than a similar dirty car.

Car washes enhance safe driving

No one wants to drive a car whose windows are covered with dirt, frost or snow. This is because it makes it difficult to have a clear vision when driving on the roads. Of course, this is bad for your own safety and that of other road users.

A clean car is good for your health

Just as important as cleaning your bathroom, kitchen and all the other regularly touched parts of the house is, so too is cleaning your car. The same germs that can be spread in the house can also be spread in the car. In fact, your car is more likely to spread more germs as it drives everywhere.

Wax protection

Regular waxing is great for keeping your vehicle’s body in tip-top condition. Waxing is not just something that you do when you are bored. It is very important part of keeping your car’s body protected from the sun’s ultra-violet rays which can be damaging to the car’s paint. Wax protects your car from direct contact with the sun’s rays.

Your car stays looking new

Everyone loves how shiny new cars look. New cars look shiny and smell nice. A regular car wash can also keep the vehicle looking brand new. And the exercise doesn’t need to take too long. It’s just washing, vacuuming, and heading on your way. It’s amazing how long a car can stay looking new when it is regularly cleaned.

Bottom line

Car washes should no longer be seen as an unwanted inconvenience but as something that can contribute to a car’s long life. A car wash should be accorded nearly the same importance as an oil change.