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Berryman B12 Vs Seafoam (Which Should You Get)

Your vehicle’s parts will need to be maintained and cleaned after a period of use. Cleaning some components, such as motor and fuel transmission systems, necessitates the employment of specific cleaners. You can use two popular cleaners for this purpose: Berryman B12 and Seafoam.

Both of these cleaners are widely used nowadays. So, which one is better? We compare Berryman B12 and Seafoam below to get an idea.

Berryman B12 vs. Seafoam—What Are the Key Differences?

Many people often ask if these two products are identical in function and performance. The simple answer to this would be: No, they are not!

Berryman B12 and Seafoam are two different kinds of products. Unlike Seafoam, B-12 is a 100 percent powerful solvent with no aliphatic distillates or petroleum oils.

Berryman B12 is an engine treatment that eliminates gum, lacquer, and other fuel leftovers throughout the fuel system, making it run smoothly. It’s a powerful solvent that easily cleans fuel injection systems, linkages, chokes, PCV valves, and throttle bodies.

On the other hand, carburetor passageways and fuel injectors are cleaned with Seafoam. Seafoam is derived from petroleum products, making it safe to use on engines without fear of damaging them. Also, if your vehicle’s engine runs on Seafoam, the entire fuel system will be fluid, spotless, and long-lasting.

The primary distinction between these two detergents is their makeup. Acetone, methanol, toluene, and other active substances are the primary chemical constituents of Berryman B12. Seafoam is made up of naphtha-based chemicals.

Berryman B12 outperforms Seafoam in cleaning efficiency because it is a strong detergent. The downside to this is that the B12 cleaner can remove the paint on your vehicle if it touches it.

Both B12 and Seafoam are designed for specific engine types. Berryman B12 is suitable for diesel engines and can be used on petrol engines. On the other hand, Seafoam is unique in that it can work equally well on both gasoline and diesel engines.

You can pour Berryman B12 straight into the oil tank without having to worry about diluting the oil. On the other hand, since some of the chemicals in Seafoam can thin the oil, you should not pour it into the oil tank. The engine will be unable to ensure the effectiveness of use from there.

Berryman B12 offers a greater fuel efficiency than Seafoam since it uses high-energy solvent technology. On the other hand, Seafoam has a remarkable ability to clean and eliminate hazardous residues. The fuel load will then grow, improving the engine’s lubricating capability.

Comparison Chart for Berryman B12 and Seafoam

Berryman B12Seafoam
Acetone, methanol, toluene, and other active substances are the most common.Naphtha is the main component of seafoam.
Berryman B12 is powerful enough to remove paint from your car.Seafoam, on the other hand, has no such ability.
Berryman B12 is only appropriate for gasoline engines and should not be used with diesel engines.All varieties of gas and diesel engines are safe to use with seafoam.
It’s not a good idea to mix it with oil.It is not illegal to mix seafoam with oil.
Made in the United States of AmericaEPA-approved product
Berryman B12 is effective when used straight in the oil tank.You must not pour seafoam in the oil tank.
Injectors, carb jets, and passages are all cleaned.It cleans the injectors, carburetors, intake ports, and valves.
High-energy solvent technology boosts engine performance and reduces fuel consumption.It removes hazardous residues and deposits, allowing oil flow and engine lubrication to improve.

Differentiating Features of Berryman B12

Berryman B12 is an engine cleaner that aids in the removal of dirt, lacquer, and other hazardous contaminants from your car.

The vehicle’s gasoline transmission system will always remain clear of sediments with this product, guaranteeing that the engine runs smoothly.

Berryman B12 is also a powerful cleaner, capable of flushing the choke, carburetor, and throttle body with ease. PEAs are not the only chemical capable of clearing carbon from engine cylinders, contrary to what some fuel additive makers would have you believe. Berryman B-12 features a proprietary PEA substitute that rinses carburetors and fuel injectors equally well.

At the same time, the cleaner’s contents are incredibly safe, guaranteeing the engine’s safety. Additionally, Berryman B12 can be poured straight into the oil tank to help clean the gasoline and tank walls.

While Berryman B-12 successfully removes gum, filth, and other engine deposits, you should only use it right before changing the oil and filter because the oil could overload with disintegrated gunk and deposits.

Differentiating Features of Seafoam

Seafoam is a highly effective automobile cleanser. It comes in a spray bottle and sanitizes the fuel injectors and carburetor lines.

Refined oil is used in the production of Seafoam. As a result, you can rest assured that this cleanser is safe to use. It will aid in the removal of dirt from your vehicle’s oil tank and fuel lines. When the engine system is in use, it will function perfectly and without stopping.

You can use the Seafoam Spray to clear remnants and sediments from intake valves, cylinders, and pressure rings safely and effectively! Sea Foam cleans and lubricates inlet runners and injectors, carburetor throttle valves, and chamber areas with a high proportion of petroleum cleansing solvency and lubricity.

Final Word

You’ll have difficulty comparing the effectiveness of these two cleaners to choose between them since each product will be helpful for different applications.

Berryman B12 is also the ideal choice if you want a cleanser that can dissolve in the oil and high cleaning capacity. On the other hand, when you want to increase the ability to remove debris and boost engine lubricant, Seafoam is the way to go.

The right cleaner will depend on what quality is most important to you. So, compare Berryman B12 and Seafoam carefully to make the right choice.