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Acquisition Page – What Edu Autos Can Offer You

SoberSteering has been acquired by Edu Autos to help bring this information to everyone who needs it. At Edu Autos, talk about everything vehicle-related. This can be from frequently asked questions posts to tips and tools, repairs, and upkeep! We also dive into questions like why are Jeeps so expensive, and the best used Jeep to buy, if you should even buy used at all. 

We know that having a vehicle, whether that’s a car, truck, or van, isn’t always as easy as they make it out to be. It doesn’t matter if you’re new to owning a vehicle, or a veteran in the field, there’s always more to learn. 

When it comes to information regarding cars, trucks, and vans, the answers to your questions are often nowhere to be found! Ever googled something very specific about your car only to never find the answer you’re looking for? Well, that’s the whole purpose of Edu Autos. We’re here to give you the answers to all those pesky questions. 

No matter how big or small the question is, we need answers to them! As soon as a car or truck is in the picture, these small questions can be more important than you could imagine. Cars are fine-tuned objects, and they need to be in working order to remain safe. If you can’t find the answers to those little questions, how are you supposed to know if it’s safe, or what to do about it?

About Edu Autos

Welcome to your car, truck, SUV, and van information headquarters. We know just how challenging it can be to find the answers to all your questions relating to cars. You’re probably facing a problem right now that Google hasn’t been able to solve for you. 

Finding those answers can be a near-impossible task. It can feel like the world expects you to just know the answers, but more often than not, we don’t. Not getting those answers can be incredibly frustrating, and even potentially dangerous. 

That’s why we’re here. We want to help you find all the answers you need regarding your vehicle. This has inspired us at Edu Autos to create an extensive library of everything car, truck, SUV, and van related – to help you

Our Focus

At Edu Autos, you can expect to find over 300 posts focusing on various auto-related issues. This covers Jeeps, vehicle upkeep and repairs, but also tools and accessories. 

We have a lot of information about Toyota vehicles, too, which we will take a look at down the road. On top of that, we have dedicated posts to frequently asked questions regarding cars, trucks, and vans. Hopefully, those alone will answer a lot of the questions you may have. If not, don’t worry – there are still hundreds more posts to go through to find the answers you’re looking for! 

All that can hope is that Edu Autos is able to help you on your journey of learning. Since there is so much to know about vehicles, it only seems right to help everyone. It’s not easy, and it definitely isn’t always fun. 

If you want to get a more in-depth idea of the kinds of things we cover at Edu Autos, we’ll cover it all in the sections below. Whether you have an auto-related question right now or not, all the information we give here will come in handy at some point. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Cars, Trucks, and Vans


You probably drive a car – a lot of people drive cars! Unfortunately, there are often things that we don’t have a clue how to do or have any understanding of. You might need help finding the right body shop for collision repairs, or maybe you’re just looking for free OBD2 Codes because your engine light came on – we’ve got you covered

Truth is, we can help with a lot more than that. From guides on how to properly clean fuel injectors, understanding why your car is overheating, or learning what a car tune up is and why it’s important, we have it all. 

We also have loads of information on everything you need to know about getting your car serviced. Should you do it every year? How often you should have your car inspected and serviced and where it’s required, and whether it’s worth the cost

If you’re going to buy a car, you might be wondering if cars with high mileage are bad, or if an electric car would be quieter. Maybe you’ve had a car for some time and the paint is finally starting to peel. Why does it happen? Paint jobs are no joke, and they can be pretty costly. So, if you’re planning on moving out of state, maybe you’re worried about whether your car will start to rust in another state once you make the move. 

No matter the car issue, even if it’s related to using a car to jump start a truck, you should be able to find it all here. If it isn’t, then hang tight – we’re always adding to this site.  


Trucks are popular options for many, but that doesn’t mean they’re easy to understand! We also have an extensive list of truck-related frequently asked questions. You might be wondering if prices will go down, or if getting a pickup is a good investment, why buying a truck with high mileage is so expensive, or if buying one with 200-300k miles is a bad idea. If you’re a parent, or just a new driver, you might want to know if a truck is a good first car, or if they will even fit in a garage. Not all trucks are great in the snow, so if you’re moving to another state, you might also be wondering if your truck will be safe in snowy conditions.

If you’ve just bought a truck, you will want to know about whether toppers or bed covers impact the mileage. Maybe your truck doesn’t have a topper yet, and you want to know if it’s worth getting one, and if undercoating a truck is worth the money. 

A truck has a lot of different components to consider, too. Knowing the type of battery yours has, and how much a truck bed can weigh, are things to factor in. If you’re going to use your truck for a variety of things, you might also be wondering if a truck bed liner is waterproof.  These can be super important if you’re renting a truck. On top of that, you might need to know if rentals have hitches – it could be anything! 

Want to use your truck for drifting? Or do you want to know if truck drivers are in demand? If you have a truck, or are even thinking about getting one, we have the answers to the questions that Google might not be so helpful with.  


Vans are perfect for vacations and road trips, but boy can they be confusing. There are so many of them, and a lot to know. There’s no one size fits all with these, so we’ve put together an extensive list of van-related questions you might want to know the answers to. 

From how to close the back windows, why minivans are so expensive, which minivans are best for the environment, we cover it all. You might not know a lot about minivans in the first place and wonder what they’re actually used for!

If you’re planning on going on vacation somewhere and want to use your minivan, you might be wondering what can fit in there. Here are a couple of articles on things we cover: 65-inch TV; 70-inch TV; loveseats; number of suitcases; mopeds and scooters; car seats; futons, and so much more. If you’re planning a vacation, you might need to know which minivans are good for dirt roads, if they’re insulated, how many people can sit in a minivan, or if they have trunks

We also cover why your minivan door may not close, why it might not start when it’s too hot, or which minivan is best for snowy conditions. If you are thinking of buying yourself a minivan, you might wonder why used minivans are so cheap, why they are so much cheaper compared to SUVs, or why minivans usually have a bad reputation.    

Whatever question you’re hoping to get an answer to, we might be able to help!

Everything You Need to Know About Repairs


Batteries are one of the most important components of your vehicle, and you need to know all about them! If you aren’t careful with these batteries, there can be some seriously unpleasant outcomes. Under our battery section, you can read about reviews like the Spirit A8 car just starter, or take a look at our top picks for the best portable jump starters

We also compare the Duralast and Everstart car batteries, and the Duralast Gold vs Platinum battery to help you make the best choices. If you don’t know a lot about batteries and jump starters, you might want more information on whether jumper cables are bad for your car or not, too. 


Breaks are an essential part of vehicle safety, and you need to be aware of it if something is wrong. In the breaks section of our site, we look at rusting brakes, if cars only have front brakes, and if Walmart sells breaks.

On top of that, we cover some handy things to know if you’re a car owner. For example, why new brakes still grind after getting new rotors and pads, how to bleed brakes yourself, the best front and rear brakes, and even a full Wagner Brake Pads review

Come to us with all your brake-related questions, and hopefully we have the answers!

Car Parts

Take a look at our car parts page to learn about all the car parts you’ve been neglecting! We cover things like replacing the timing belt, how to clean a catalytic converter, and what an O2 sensor does. Here, we also take a look at the cost of fixing a car’s AC and how long you can drive with a bad catalytic converter

If you’re struggling with your car’s spark plugs, take a look at our top 10 picks for horsepower, or take a look at the pros and cons of Autolite vs NGK plugs. You can learn more about the estimated cost of replacing an O2 sensor, or if a bad O2 sensor will cause a misfire if you suspect this issue in your vehicle, too.

 Alternatively, consider which struts to use (including Monroe Roadmatic vs Quick Strut), or which engine thermostat is best. There are more thermostat options than you think!


We love talking about headlights here, too. You can take a look at our headlight page to learn all about these handy creations. We cover plenty of auto repair tips and compare headlights to help you make the best choices (check out the comparison between the Sylvania Silverstar Ultra vs ZXE, Sylvania Silverstar vs Silverstar Ultra, and the H11 vs 9004 headlight bulbs). Alternatively, find your new favorite headlight bulb among our top 7 picks.

Information and Tips on Tools and Accessories

Air Compressors and Pumps

Having the right air compressor and air pumps in your vehicle can really up the game. Our page dedicated to air compressors and pumps could be exactly where you need to go if you want to look into this further. 

There, we cover what you should know about the Bostitch Air Compressor before you buy it and take a look at whether the DeVilbiss Air Compressor is worth it. We also review the Ingersoll Rand Air Compressor and list our 7 favorite portable air pumps. 

Car Jacks

Our page on car jacks is another handy tool at your disposal over on Edu Autos. There, we discuss what size jack you need for a minivan, and even an in-depth review of the Arcan Floor Jack. If you’re looking to buy a floor car jack, check out our top 20 picks, or find your new favorite car jack in another favorites list

Gear and Gadgets

Love your gear and gadgets for your vehicle? So do we! At Edu Autos, we love talking about things that make car use more seamless than ever. With reviews on things like the Thinkware Dash Cam, Fixd, and Bluedriver, you will have everything you need to know before buying. 

We also love finding you the right products with our favorites lists. In the market for some gear or gadgets? Take a look at our top 10 best window tints, OBD2 scanners, Foxwell Code scanners, phone mounts, or radar detectors. You’re sure to find a couple of new favorite products.

What You Need to Know About Car Upkeep

Car Cleaning

Who doesn’t want to have a clean car? Edu Autos’ car cleaning page gives you all the best tips and tricks when it comes to keeping your car in good condition. Anyone who’s interested in keeping (or finally getting) their car shining, this is an important section for you! 

Here, we look at all the best products for things like car tire shines, car vacuums, pressure washers, car wash soaps, and the best car waxes. Anything you could possibly need to keep your car looking great can be found, so make the most of it!


To have a safe and functioning car, you need to use good oil filters! Our filter page walks you through what you need to know about a variety of filters. You can find information on Mobil 1 Oil filters, Fram Oil Filters, and also a review on K&N Oil filters

If you want to compare oil filters, we’ve already covered comparisons between Mobil 1 and Wix, Wix vs K&N, and Microgard vs Wix Oil filters. We also take an in-depth look at which oil filters are best for a 5.7L Hemi engine.

Oil and Additives

Our oil and additives page covers extensive information on car oils and what you can expect from them. You might wonder if cars should ever leak or lose oil, or why your vehicle is louder after it has had an oil change.

We also look at the differences between a number of products. These include 5w40 vs 15w40, 73w85 vs 75w90, and 0w-40 vs 5w-30. Brand differences are also compared, like Mobil 1 vs Castrol Edge, Valvoline vs Mobil1, Mobil 1 vs Mobil Super, Valvoline vs Pennzoil Synthetic Oil to help you make the right choices. 

We don’t stop there, though. You can find your new favorite octane boosters, or find out if you can mix Mobil 1 oil with any other oils. No matter the oil issue you’re facing, we should be able to help! 


When it comes to tires, it helps to be able to do a lot of the fixing yourself. Tires can be very expensive issues to deal with, and if you need to go to a garage every time there’s a problem, you’ll soon be out of pocket. 

Thankfully, we go over some basics over at Edu Autos. We cover what you need to know about proper wheel alignment, how to remove a wheel lock, and how to patch a tire in no time. Along with some general DIY auto repair tips, we also cover how to break a lug nut off, and where the spare tire is on a minivan!

Since Walmart is one of the most affordable places around, we’ve also done some research for you. We’ve put posts together on whether Walmart deals with patching or plugging tires, if they do auto center inspections, and rotate tires

On top of that, we have some “best of” posts to help you make the best decisions for pressure gauges and lug nut wrenches. We’ve even thrown a 225 vs 245 tire comparison in there to help you in the winter, too!


You can’t ignore the wipers on your vehicle – they do come in pretty handy, after all. Here, we cover why windshield wipers are so important, and how to find the right Bosch wipers for your car. If you need some help finding the right windshield wipers, or even right right wiper fluid, we can help you with that, too.   

All About Toyota 

Toyota Camry

If you are thinking of buying a Toyota Camry, you’re probably wondering about a couple of things. We’ve got a dedicated page that answers the following questions:

Toyota Corolla

If you are thinking of buying a Toyota Corolla, you’re probably wondering about a couple of things. We’ve got a dedicated page that answers the following questions:

Toyota Highlander

If you are thinking of buying a Toyota Highlander, you’re probably wondering about a couple of things. We’ve got a dedicated page that answers the following questions:

Toyota Land Cruiser

If you are thinking of buying a Toyota Land Cruiser, you’re probably wondering about a couple of things. We’ve got a dedicated page that answers the following questions:

Toyota RAV 4

If you are thinking of buying a Toyota RAV 4, you’re probably wondering about a couple of things. We’ve got a dedicated page that answers the following questions:

Toyota Sienna

If you are thinking of buying a Toyota Sienna, you’re probably wondering about a couple of things. We’ve got a dedicated page that answers the following questions:

Toyota Tacoma

If you are thinking of buying a Toyota Tacoma, you’re probably wondering about a couple of things. We’ve got a dedicated page that answers the following questions:

Toyota Yaris

If you are thinking of buying a Toyota Yaris, you’re probably wondering about a couple of things. We’ve got a dedicated page that answers the following questions:

Toyota Frequently Asked Questions


There are so many car-related questions that a lot of people struggle with, and we’re here to try and make that a little easier. So, whether you have a car, truck, or van or SUV, we can help! If you have a question that we haven’t been able to answer yet, hang in there.