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10 Best Car Tire Shines (Plus FAQs)

For those who own automobiles, many are concerned about the appearance of their cars or trucks. Some people like to keep the tires looking brand new and one product they use is tire shine.

The best tire shine will make the tires look like they are shiny and improve their appearance.

If you want to know more about tire shine and read reviews of different brands available in the marketplace today, we include here information that will allow you to make an educated decision when it comes time to make a purchase.

You will find several questions that are answered about the best tire shine and 10 specific brands that are reviewed side-by-side.

What Is the Best Tire Shine?

Tire shine is a formula made up of certain ingredients and additives that produces a shine on tires when used. It is used to improve the appearance of tires and provide protection against harmful elements. Tire shine is used by automobile enthusiasts and others to make tires look good and protect them.

What Is in the Best Tire Shine?

All tire shine formulas have different ingredients and they vary widely from brand to brand. Some tire shine brands contain additives or formulations of chemicals that are designed to create a deep wet look or other special effects.

Tire shine ingredients are not all the same and those who are looking for certain characteristics in their tire shine need to be aware of them.

Is the Best Tire Shine Easy to Apply?

Most tire shine brands are easy to apply and do not require special equipment. Sometimes an application will need to dry out over time, sometimes in the sun for optimal effects.

Tire shine requires the use of a damp rag or cloth to wipe away the excess when finished.

Is the Best Tire Shine Safe for My Tires?

Tire shine is designed to be safe for most tires and all of the brands listed here are specifically designed for safety. Some brands of tire shine are more ecologically friendly than others. In some cases, they are also safe for children and pets.

The chemicals in tire shine are going to vary from brand to brand, but you can expect they are all formulated to be safe for use on tires or other surfaces they are designed for.

What Kind of Results Can I Get?

Different brands of tire shine produce varying results and you can expect that you will get specific effects depending on the brand. Some of the more expensive tire shine brands available produce a long-lasting deep wet look that is sought after as it makes your car look new and attractive.

How We Reviewed

All of the products listed in this review were carefully researched before we made our recommendations. Real-world testimonials, product specification sheets, industry reputation scores, general manufacturer reputation, quality testing, and other factors were used to consider the information that has been added here.

Our recommendations and reviews are completely unbiased, and we hold no commercial interest in these reviews whatsoever. All of the links provided here are not affiliate links, and our recommendations are honest, thoroughly researched, and offered to you so that you may be able to make an informed decision when deciding to purchase a product.

All of the products here are quality products that anyone can use to produce excellent results when using the best tire shine.

Overall Price Range

The general price range of the best tire shine products ranges from $4 or $5 up to $35. Some of the features that you will find in the higher-priced tire shines include UV protection, special effects including deep wet shine, oils or waxes, or any number of additives that are included to produce a better appearance for your tires.

While you can expect good results from any of these products reviewed, some of the more expensive ones are designed for luxury vehicles or for certain types of looks that may be specifically what you are after. Make sure to read the ingredients and find out the features of this product you seek and make sure you’re getting what you want before purchasing.

What We Reviewed

  • Lucas Oil 10513
  • Meguiar’s G13815
  • Griot’s Garage 11148
  • Armor All 77960
  • Chemical Guys TVD_109_16
  • Meguiar’s G18216
  • Black Magic 800002220 Tire Wet Foam
  • Turtle Wax T-136R
  • TriNova Tire Shine Spray
  • 303 (30313-CSR) UV Protectant Spray

Lucas Oil 10513 Slick Mist Tire and Trim Shine - 24 oz. (LUC10513)

Lucas Oil 10513


This brand of tire shine comes in a 24-ounce bottle, which is convenient for multipurpose use. The additives included in this tire shine make it suitable for use on a variety of motor vehicles including boats and airplanes as well as tires.

The tire shine is formulated to be used with a onetime application, so that other applications will not be necessary, saving money. Some ingredients in this tire shine protect against harmful UV radiation, which ensures a longer life and a better appearance overall for the life of your tires.

Price $

Where to Buy

You can find this item on Amazon by clicking here.

You can also find it on Walmart’s site.

MEGUIAR'S G-13815 Hot Shine High Gloss Tire Coating - 15 oz.

Meguiar’s G13815


Meguiars tire shine comes in a 15-ounce bottle. It is specially formulated to deliver a long-lasting shine free from overspray or annoying drips and it is not messy. The ingredients in this tire shine include premium silicones, water-resistant polymers, and antizonants.

The G13815 selection is formulated with an enhanced resin technology that creates long-term protection for your tires.

This product is eco-friendly and is designed to be sprayed on and then left alone to dry without any further action being necessary. This product features long-lasting shine and protection for your tires.

Price $

Where to Buy

You can see the current price for this item on Amazon by clicking here.

You can also find it on Meguiar’s site.

Griot's Garage 11148 Gallon Speed Shine (Quick Detailer) Gallon

Griot’s Garage 11148


Griot’s Garage comes in a handy one-gallon container. This brand of tire shine is specially made to allow you to get a unique shine within five minutes. Some of the ingredients include a quick action lubricant that removes contaminants, dirt, and other foreign bodies and eliminates them from the surface of your tires as you wipe the formula away.

This tire shine is formulated to create a glossy finish that is smooth and long-lasting. The shine is also appropriate for painted surfaces and has a variety of applications.

Price $$$

This item is more expensive than the other options since it is a much larger container.

Where to Buy

You can see the exaxct price for this tire shine on Amazon by clicking here.

You can also find it on Advance Auto Parts’ website.

Armor All 77960 18 Oz Extreme Tire Shine Gel

Armor All 77960


Armor All is an advanced tire shine gel that is designed to produce extraordinary results. When this gel is applied, it produces a smooth, even, and rich appearance on the tire’s surface. Specially formulated to eliminate messy oversprays, this gel comes with specially designed microfiber cloths that create a black wet shine that is long-lasting.

This tire gel produces a superior finish that resists cracking and fading considerably over time. Also produced by Armor All is Extreme Shine Gel which is similar to this product.

Price $

Where to Buy

You can find this Armor All tire cleaner on Amazon by clicking here.

You can also find it on Walmart’s website.

Chemical Guys TVD_109_16 - Silk Shine Spray-able Dry-To-The-Touch Dressing For Tires, Trim, Vinyl, Plastic and More (16 Ounce)

Chemical Guys TVD_109_16


Chemical Guys tire shine comes in a convenient 16-ounce container. This formula of tire shine is suitable not only for tires but will work on your dashboard, black plastics, vinyl, and rubber to give you that deep shining you are looking for.

This brand of spray contains more additives than the former version of this tire shine, making it up to five times more durable. Only one application can last for weeks at a time with a 100 percent dry finish. One of the top 10 tire shine products available in the world today, this product has been proven and tested over time.

Price $

Where to Buy

This item can be found on Amazon by clicking here.

It can also be found directly on Chemical Guys’ site.

Meguiar's G18216 Ultimate Liquid Wax, 16 Fluid Ounces, 1 Pack

Meguiar’s G18216


Meguiar’s Ultimate Liquid Wax tire shine comes in a 16-ounce container. This product ensures that you get the maximum depth of color with a synthetic protection that lasts longer than others. The easy one-step application features ThinFilm technology which makes application effortless.

With ThinFilm technology, you can wipe off excess while in the sun without having to worry whether you will stain painted surfaces.

Meguiar’s tire shine is created with advanced synthetic polymers that cling on to the tires to produce a long-lasting protective barrier. It’s safe and effective for glossy finishes as well as clear coats.

Price $$

Where to Buy

You can find this tire shine on Amazon by clicking here.

It can also be found on Meguiar’s website.

Black Magic 80002220 800002220 Tire Wet Foam, 18 oz.

Black Magic 800002220 Tire Wet Foam


Black Magic Tire Wet Foam comes in an 18-ounce container. This tire shine is designed with a thick foam which has several different properties that work well. It protects surfaces and will bring your tires to a shine and will protect your brakes and other components. The thick foam will dissolve and eliminate grime, mud, and dust quickly.

This tire shine contains silicone oils which create a luxurious deep wet shine. This tire shine is rinse and weather resistant and will last up to two weeks without having to be reapplied.

Price $

Where to Buy

You can find this tire shine on Amazon by clicking here.

It can also be found on Walmart’s site if you prefer shopping in person.

Turtle Wax T-136R Express Shine Spray Car Wax - 16 oz.

Turtle Wax T-136R


This Turtle Wax tire shine comes in a 16-ounce spray container. This tire shine produces a long-lasting, shinier look for those who are after that type of appearance for their tires.

Specially formulated with Carnauba wax, this Turtle Wax tire shine produces a long-lasting, durable effect.

You can easily apply this tire shine to your tires by spraying and then wiping away the excess. This tire shine leaves no powdery residue, which is perfect for clear finishes.

Price $

Where to Buy

You can find this Turtle Wax product on Amazon by clicking here.

You can also find in on Home Depot’s website.

TriNova Tire Shine Spray No Wipe - Automotive Clear Coat Dressing for Wet & Slick Finish - Keeps Tires Black - with Rubber Protector - Prevents Fading & Yellowing - 18 OZ

TriNova Tire Shine Spray


TireNova tire shine spray comes in a 1.3-pound container. Specially designed for a long-lasting, sleek finish, this tire shine is for those who want a sophisticated appearance for their tires. Formulated for durability, this tire shine has an advanced coating with superior protective ability.

This tire shine is also specially engineered to protect your tires from harmful UV radiation. It also repulses grime and dirt with special additives. These special additives make sure that dirt will not be attracted to your tires or stick to them, which preserves the sleek finish.

Price $$

Where to Buy

This item can be found on Amazon by clicking here.

You can also find it on Golden Eagle’s website.

303 Aerospace Protectant - Provides Superior UV Protection, Helps Prevent Fading and Cracking, Repels Dust, Lint, and Staining, Restores Lost Color and Luster, 32oz (30313CSR) Packaging May Vary

303 (30313-CSR) UV Protectant Spray


303 Tire Shine is designed for every part of the car, not just the tires. Besides just shining your tires and other car parts, this tire shine is specially formulated to guard against UV radiation, pitting, cracking, and discoloration.

Formulated with an eco-friendly chemical composition, it is safe for children and pets. 303 is engineered to produce long-lasting results that can be immediately seen after application, which is quick and easy.

Price $$

Where to Buy

You can find this unique product on Amazon by clicking here.

It can also be found on Walmart’s site.

The Verdict

After carefully evaluating all of the products reviewed here, we have determined that the TireNova tire shine is the best tire shine and rates a full five out of five stars. Although TireNova is a little bit more expensive than some of the other products, you will get results from this best tire shine that will give you what you are after.

Other tire shine products do not have the same look, ingredients, or the same features as this brand.

Designed for a specifically sleek look, this best tire shine is formulated with a number of additives and ingredients that promote the best appearance out of all of the different tire shine brands reviewed here. You can expect that this brand of best tire shine will outperform most others and deliver excellent results invariably.

This product is best designed for high-end or luxury automobile applications but is also a superior product for stock automobile situations.

When you are in the market for the best tire shine, you should consider all of the different factors. Most consumers are those who are after the best result they can get for the money and all of the different tire shine brands listed here are of a superior value. Each of the tire shine products in these reviews performed excellently and will produce outstanding results and make your tires shine like new again.